Sports massage is normally a deep massage using specialist techniques.

These techniques aim to reduce muscular soreness and maintain flexibility, whilst also helping to enhance power and endurance. As the body sustains micro soft tissue trauma during sport or exercise, the desired outcome of Sport massage is for a faster recovery.

Sports massage concentrates on the muscle groups and body systems that are used in athletic activities. As required, it can combine Swedish massage techniques with neuromuscular release, stretching, trigger point compressions, manual manipulation and the use of ultrasound therapy. At their discretion, therapists sometimes use ultrasound therapy to treat certain soft tissue injuries, as it is thought to accelerate the healing process.

As well as general body maintenance, Sports massage can be beneficial ‘pre-event’ to enhance sporting performance by boosting circulation and improving your range of movement. The main benefits of ‘post-event’ are to decrease the possibility of cramping, inflammation or even the general tension felt in the muscles.

Treatment times are usually 30 minute sessions but more time can be booked if required.


30 mins - £ 25

60 mins - £ 40