What can you expect?

The time and opportunity to talk about your concerns, in reference to your health, in your own words and in a way that includes all aspects of yourself and your symptoms. Homeopathy is interested in you as a whole person and offers a way to re-balance your systems in order to improve your health. It uses symptoms as indications of what is out of balance and which areas to consider in particular. It works by stimulating your body’s healing power with the aim of achieving a level of health and wellbeing such that your energy levels are improved and you feel more positive about your quality of life.

The first appointment:

This appointment is where all the information is gathered about your past health and any treatments you may have had. This consultation helps the therapist build up a picture of your health in order to understand you. As this is a very individual process, that should not be hurried, the first appointment can usually last between an hour and 90 minutes. Any remedy you are given will be either in small pill or liquid form, in a single or daily dose. A follow up appointment in approximately one month’s time will be to check what changes there have been and how to build on that progress. Follow up appointments last from 30 to 40 minutes.

Everyone can benefit from Homeopathy:

The system of Homeopathy is based on treating “like with like” and also working with the smallest dose possible. As Homeopathy is very gentle and safe, it can be used during pregnancy and labour, for babies and small children, as well as the very elderly. Chronic and long-term health problems can respond well to Homeopathy but may require a longer period of treatment.


with Helen White

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Initial consultation £80

Follow up appointments £65 (4 weeks after initial appointment)

Special offer for new patients (initial consultation and 2 follow up appointments) £150

Postage of bottles £5 / envelopes free.

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