Crystal Therapy

Crystal Healing Therapy

This is a gentle and peaceful treatment.  Wonderful for anyone who wishes to rebalance and harmonise their own energy levels.  Crystal Healing is classed as an independent therapy but it can be linked with other energy-based therapies.

Crystals will be placed on or around the body and then the therapist will balance the energy centres (Chakras) and also the energy fields (Subtle bodies) usually with a crystal pendulum.  Notes will be taken throughout the session so that any subtle changes observed can be recorded and used as a reference for any after care advice that may be given at the end of the treatment.

Crystal Therapy involves establishing where the body has imbalances, introducing appropriate crystals into the vibrational energy field and allowing synchronisation to occur.  At the end of the treatment clients normally feel a sense of peace and deep tranquility, as the overall aim is to create harmony within.

Crystal Healing treatments are conducted with the patient lying on a treatment couch or, if unable to do so, sitting in a treatment chair.  There is no need to undress but you may be asked to remove watches, spectacles, contact lenses, shoes, belts or anything which may be constricting or interfere with the energy flows.

(Note: Treatment NOT suitable for clients fitted with a pace-maker)