Counselling is a talking therapy, a process that enables an individual (the client) to share issues (whether past or current) in a safe environment with a counsellor (a trained practitioner).

The process is totally confidential and non-judgmental. The aim is to explore your thoughts and feelings and also, how your issue/s impact on your future, well-being and self worth.

The focus is on your aims and needs, and enables you to reflect on events or circumstances that have caused you distress, difficulty or perhaps an unwanted outcome.

Some approaches aim to enable the client to explore and achieve coping mechanisms to assist with daily life, be it at home, or in the workplace. As we all have different needs, short term counselling may be beneficial for some clients and for others, longer term counselling may be more suitable (the choice is ultimately yours).

In life, we cannot change events that have already happened, but we can change how we feel about them.

Counselling is a positive process that may enable much self-reflection on the journey. It aims to enable each client to function more effectively, in terms of both mental & emotional well-being, respecting each individual client’s autonomy.

Find out more about our counsellors Nicola Heptinstall, Mark Walsh, Eve Simpson, Kristian Shallcross and Julia Moore.


With Nicola Heptinstall

Per session - £55

With Eve Simpson

Per session - £50

With Mark Walsh

Individuals - Per session - £50

Couples/Families - Per session - £60

With Kristian Shallcross

Per session - £50

U18's - Per session - £35

With Julia Moore

Per session - £45